How to Apply for a Flood Information Certificate

If you have found out that your site is flood prone then you will need a Flood Information Certificate from Central Coast Council, following the steps below. If you don't know if your site is flood prone or not here is a guide to working out if you are at risk from flooding.

Image of selecting apply for a certificate on Central Coast Council's Website

4. Select Flood Level Certificate ($370 - back in 14 working days or $530 - back in 3 working days)

Screenshot of applying for a Flood Level Certificate on Central Coast Council's Website

5. Select Your Property (if you have additional properties you can add them in the next step):

6. Select any additional properties and apply and pay for the certificate.

7. Congratulations! you have successfully applied for the flood certificate, it will take the number of working days displayed by council when you have finished (either 3 or 14 days depending on which application you have selected).

If you get a flood information certificate you may still be able to do a complying development, there is a table at the front of the Flood Information Certificate, if non of the boxes are crossed you may be able to do it.

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