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Utilising Shakkei in the Central Coast for Enhanced Wellbeing

The central coast has many beautiful beaches and water views. Something that people often overlook that can have a great impact on our health and wellbeing are the beautiful green views available to us here. Good Architect is a research based practice and green views are an integral to our wellbeing, spending so long travelling in Japan mean that the use of Shakkei is central to many of our designs. The directors of Good Architect both enjoy bushwalks and have created an index of bushwalks.

The concept of Shakkei, or borrowed landscapes, is a traditional Japanese design principle that involves incorporating the natural surroundings into gardens. By carefully framing views of the surrounding environment Good Architect can create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing nature to merge with the built environment. The central coast of NSW offers an ideal setting for implementing Shakkei due to the local council's commitment to preserving ridgelines and ensuring uninterrupted views of the area's small mountains. This article explores how the skillful practice of framing views can integrate nature into homes and its potential positive impact on people's mental and physical wellbeing. The Principal Architect of Good Architect spent a month exploring the temple architecture of Skikoku in Japan, exploring 88 stunningly beautiful temples, and forever embedding Shakkei in the design aesthetic of Good Architect. Japanese buildings are often more beautiful because of Shakkei.

Shakkei in the Central Coast:

The central coast region, encompassing areas like Gosford, Narara, Wyoming, Springfield, and Kincumber, presents a unique opportunity to embrace the principles of Shakkei. The local council's long-standing policy of keeping structures away from ridgelines ensures that panoramic views of the small mountains are achievable in most areas. This approach enables people to create outlooks that are green, often hiding surrounding dwellings and creating a private oasis. 

Framing Views for Nature Integration:

Good Architect understands the importance of framing views to maximize the impact of Shakkei. By carefully considering the placement of windows, doors, and other openings Good Architect can strategically capture the surrounding landscape's beauty, effectively bringing nature inside the home. Each view becomes a living painting, with the changing seasons and natural elements adding depth and serenity to the living space.

Access to Green Views and Wellbeing:

Research has shown that access to green spaces and natural views can have a profound impact on people's mental and physical wellbeing. Incorporating Shakkei principles in the design of homes and buildings on the central coast allows residents to reap the numerous benefits offered by the surrounding landscape. Some key advantages include:

Embracing the principles of Shakkei in the central coast region offers a unique opportunity to create harmonious living spaces that seamlessly integrate with the natural landscape. By skillfully framing views Good Architect can bring the benefits of nature directly into homes, enhancing people's mental and physical wellbeing. 

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