Wave Apartments Terrigal

Wave Apartments

Wave Apartments is a modern and luxurious residential complex located on the Central Coast. The apartments boast spectacular views of the ocean, allowing residents to fully immerse themselves in the coastal lifestyle. The building itself is a standout feature, with its unique wave-shaped screening, made from locally sourced materials, giving the building a distinct and eye-catching appearance. 

The combination of the beautiful views and the curved design make Wave Apartments a sought a relaxing and enjoyable place to live. Solar panels, micro-shading and natural ventilation make the project sustainable with 85% of apartments receiving natural sunlight on June 21 and 80% receiving natural ventilation. 

Wave Apartments - Terrigal
Wave Apartments - Terrigal - Living
Wave Apartments - Terrigal - Bedroom
Wave Apartments - Terrigal - Kitchen
Wave Apartments - Terrigal - Pool