Ecovillage House Narara

Forest House

This is an initial concept design sketch. The site has one magnificent feature, a mature oak tree that covers much of the backyard. The house is designed to capture views to the oak tree and have the best possible solar design. The plan is an L shape with a curve at the centre, facing true north and creating framed views of the tree from every room. The design is inspired by the client who has a deep appreciation of the rainforest section of the botanic gardens in Canberra. 

The engineered timber structures create their own pattern of tree trucks and there is a tree fern courtyard to the south of the house to create green views in both directions which captures the dominant breezes for natural ventilation. The garage is the most counterintuitive part of the design, located to the north east because there was too much sun in summer to that area, it creates a north facing platform for solar panels with a charging port for vehicles beneath. Materials for the project include re-used bricks, tiles and hardwood framing from the existing house as well as concrete with impressions of ferns where thermal mass will receive sunlight in winter.

Ecovillage House Narara - Bedroom
Ecovillage House Narara - Bathroom
Ecovillage House Narara - Entry
Ecovillage House Narara - Kitchen
Ecovillage House Narara - Outdoor Area
Ecovillage House Narara - Living
Ecovillage House Narara - Dining
Ecovillage House Narara - Study