Beautiful architecture requires true determination. You are the driving force behind your project. We stand by you, offering unwavering support as you strive to achieve your vision.

Your dreams become our mission. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing guidance and solutions throughout your journey, overcoming challenges together.

Good Architect is more than a service – we're your partners. Your perseverance fuels our passion and your vision drives our work. 

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Good Architect works on Darkinjung country and acknowledges them as the Traditional Custodians of the land. We pay our respects to Elders, past present and emerging. Good Architect is committed to honouring local people and their unique cultural and spiritual relationships to the land, waters and seas and will involve them in the design process wherever possible. Here is a link to the Darkinjung Land Council.

Shea Cullen

“Shea was the project architect for over 80 seniors living units we were the client for. Throughout the project, she communicated and listened to feedback to create a great outcome for the site. Shea created a solution for FSR that allowed us to have an additional twenty apartments, generating millions in additional revenue. She responded to consultant and Council RFIs quickly to facilitate approval with the JRPP as fast as possible. I would highly recommend her as she adds value to any project.” ~ Stephen Byfield - CEO - Diggers @ the Entrance

"Shea did a great job with our house, very happy with her approach and knowledge." ~ Ian Thomas - Client for a Bespoke Luxury Home

Terrigal Apartment Kitchen

Sustainable Architecture: Good Architect

Good Architect have a focus on service - serving our clients, the community, the environment and the people who will inhabit the buildings we create. 

We are interested in whole life cycle design and creating sustainable architecture that best serves people. 

We are qualified to design Class 2, Class 3, Class 9c, under the new NSW fair trading regulations and are registered architects in NSW.

So what is sustainable design on the Central Coast? We think the checklist for the Narara Ecovillage provides a good guide to creating sustainable homes in the central coast.

Have a look through and consider including the elements in your home.

Here is a link to the NSW Architectural Code of Professional Conduct which shows you our responsibilities in NSW.

Architectural Services:

Sustainable Design, Industrial, Dream Homes, Dual Occupancies, Townhouses, Renovations, Granny Flats, Alterations and additions, SEPP 65, The Housing SEPP, NSW Class 2 regulations, NSW Class 3 regulations, NSW Class 9c regulations, Apartment Design, Seniors Living, Aged Care, Affordable Housing, Build to Rent Housing, Hotels, Retail, Commercial, Community, Medical Centres, Hospital Design, Sustainable Buildings.


We begin by listening intently to our clients' briefs, igniting a journey of creativity and design. Perfection is not our initial goal, rather, we value open communication, where clients express what they need and also don't want - guiding us toward the right direction.

The process involves several iterations, allowing ideas to flourish and the perfect vision to emerge. As we refine the design, communication remains at the forefront. Our clients are kept well-informed, as we involve consultants and share weekly updates through CC'd emails.

Our approach is flexible, always considering better solutions that may arise. We believe in addressing changes on paper before approvals, avoiding any last-minute surprises on-site.

Feedback is the backbone of our success. We welcome input from clients, councils, marketing teams, and builders, as it strengthens our projects and leads to even better designs.

Central Coast Architects proudly boasts a culture of communication, where ideas intertwine to shape remarkable masterpieces. Join us on this transformative journey, where collaboration and feedback converge to bring your dreams to life. 


As a proud recipient of the prestigious Parker Scholarship, sketching holds a special place in my heart. I owe immense gratitude to the committee members for granting me the opportunity to sketch some of the world's most magnificent architecture, while also harnessing the true power of sketching as a design tool.

Through sketches, ideas take flight, and architectural visions come to life. These quick, free-flowing drawings become our playground, where forms, layouts, and concepts intertwine to shape the very essence of a design. Sketching sets the groundwork for the entire architectural process, offering a canvas for architects to swiftly capture and explore their ideas, unleashing a world of creative possibilities.

But it doesn't end there - sketching plays a pivotal role in communication. Architects can share their concepts effortlessly with clients, stakeholders, and fellow design team members. Through simple yet clear drawings, complex ideas find an easy-to-understand medium, accelerating the decision-making process.

And as the design unfolds, we step into the realm of Revit modeling. Here, collaboration takes center stage, as engineers join hands to visualise the project with precision. The power of Revit extends to generating schedules and quantities, facilitating a seamless journey from concept to reality.

Join with us on a journey, working together to release our creativity and transform your architectural dreams into reality.

"We engaged Shea Cullen at Good Architect to design our EcoVillage dream house. On past projects I'd engaged award-winning 'starchitects', and enjoyed the high standard of design and utility.

Shea was less famous and more affordable—but my goodness did she deliver beyond our expectations! Shea is an absolute professional, with equal parts creativity, inspiration, technical mastery and ability to listen.

She worked with us patiently, she took on all our preferences and requests, and became a champion for what was possible.

We never felt pressured to go a certain way, Shea adapted to a change in block and changes in timing. She was always more than fair with fees, and was very flexible in her approach—she really supported us with an incredible design sensibility and intuition.

Shea's background as a sketch artist who'd travelled the world on a scholarship sketching architecture was what drew us to her work—alongside her beautiful use of curved, natural forms in sustainable contexts (think Gaudi meets mid-century cool, but eco!).

Her sketches brought our dreams and visions to life better than any CAD program I've seen (though she provided great CAD and AI-driven reference materials as well). The sketches with watercolour were a much-loved part of the process and something very few architects can offer.

In the end we found a house to purchase and retrofit that borders our EcoVillage—so we've pivoted towards engaging Shea on a masterplan and renovation—and we're now looking forward to another great experience with Shea.

It really is what it says on the sign: Good Architect!" - Jay Chubb